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Written by Oshea Davis   
Wednesday, 08 August 2018

God Rekindles Smoldering Wicks



 “ [Since you had to deal with your twin’s death, may I ask how you dealt with it? See, I have been through something recently, and] I’ve had some [issues] with anxiety, depression (etc).”


FIRST. A few years before my twin brother passed I was suffering from severe depression to the point of being suicidal. I did not even wash my clothes for a very long time, for I did not even care anymore about hardly anything. The depression dove me into an abyss of utter pain. At the end, the mental pain of the depression became a crippling physical type pain. It was like I had knives and swords stuck in my body and just moving would cause them to slice into me. I had suicidal thoughts. I was in a very dark place.

I received instruction from several people. But then my friend Vincent Cheung consoled me. I was instructed to defeat it with standing on God's promises and faith--particularly the right promises for victory. I was taught to be like David and Daniel in going over these promises and God’s Word night and day. I did this. This advice was the only counseling that helped me. In about 2 years I went from severe depressed to numb, to then ok and then to a more constant state of peace and joy.

I was that bruised reed Jesus spoke about. I was that smoldering wick almost ready to go out. I am sure if the doctors would have looked at me, at my worse, they likely would have found some chemical imbalance in my head or it could have been something else. I do not care. It does not matter. The Bible teaches the root cause is a non-relevant issue.   What is important is faith in God's word that is able to be victorious over demons, defective bodies and broken minds. God’s victory is a whole victory. He is the God of the hills and valleys.

God did not break me.

He healed me and strengthened me.

I say all this to indicate that when Josh passed, I was able to deal with it, with little to no anger/depression because God had already renewed my mind (put on the new man) with faith in His promises. I know I will see Josh again –and as 1 Thess. 4 says this is a comfort to me. Also, I do believe Josh passed too early in his life partly due to bad teachings that influenced him—more than he knew I think: such things as "if its God's will." I have decided to vindicate his honor by doubly going over such teachings to help others have the doctrine and faith to overcome the world, sickness, sin and all things.

SECOND. I still go over the same verses almost every day. Sometimes I get irritated in that I don’t want to go over them again, but I press on anyway and I find God’s promises renew my thinking. God’s word destroys doubt and fear. God’s Word heals the physical and the mental. Christ’s imputed righteousness is the bedrock, and being a child of God, is the solid granite layer upon which the Mountain of God’s promises stand. God lifts me up upon this mountain top and displays to me the panorama of all that is available and what is freely given to me His child. God spreads His hands out and says, “look! do you see all that I have given in my promises? Is it now you understand why there were so much extra baskets left over from the feeding of the four and five thousand?” God teaches me to view everything differently through His word and opens up endless possibilities that I would have never imagined. Now I have the Mind of Christ.  Thus, I see the world as Jesus does, and Jesus sees the world from the right hand of God. As Jesus is! so are we now in this world (1 John 4:17).

THIRD. If I were to preach my experience I would not be a servant of Christ. If I were to truly preach out of my own strength I would not be a servant of Christ; rather I would be a reprobate. God created all things. He redeemed my life from the grave. And now, I represent Him.  Christ is my knowledge; He is my righteousness and He is my strength. As my faith looks through the promises of God I see truth, strength, joy and endless triumphs. 

God heals broken reeds and He rekindles smoldering wicks. I know this NOT because of my own experiences tell me. Rather, because God’s word says so! I do not need experience to know promise x, or promise u, or promise h will hold, for All the promises are yes and “so be it,” in Christ. I do not see by my eyes, but by faith in God’s Word. You can do this to. You can rebuke yourself, correct and encourage yourself. And when you have been rekindled by God’s promises, you can help rekindle others, not by preaching yourself or experience but by preaching Christ. That is, by pointing others to God’s Word. It is a revelation that is true and that will not fail. The preacher of Hebrews did not preach himself in his epistle; rather, when his audience needed a reason for how they will overcome covetousness and adultery, he preached the promises of God to them. He took promises (ch.13) given to Joshua and King David and gave(moralized) these same promises for the audience to place their faith in; that is, to obtain victory by faith in His promises. You can do this too.

It is good to have a church to help you. It is good to have a pastor or deacon who can console you in the truth to overcome depression and anxiety. However, what happens if you must move? What if this person or persons who seem so important to your help are no longer there? Do not depend on a person or people. They will not always be there for you. What if you are like Peter in a prison, all by yourself? The secret to joy and peace, and the secret to endless ontological power is faith in God’s Word. You can take God’s revelation with you anywhere. God’s Word will not leave you, nor will it diminish. Because God does not change, His promises do not change. Rich or poor, black or white, smart or dumb it does not matter. Faith in God’s promises will always give you direct and instant access to God. This access is not that God will “give you an answer.” This bold access to the throne room of God means—as Jesus says in John 13-16, that God will give you (not an answer) but the very thing you ask for. This is what it means to be child of God, who is a co-heir with Christ, who have been raised with Christ and seated with Him at God’s right hand.


FOURTH. Hannah knew what to do when she dealt with the pain of not having a child -(which God caused), she asked for a miracle and received one – a gift. She did not like the pain and wanted it to go away. God gave her a son, as a reward for her faith. The pain stopped. God has commanded us to believe in His promises. Obeying God's commands is what Christian ethics is. Christian ethics is not an inductive conclusion taken from some nebulous notion of what one thinks God's causality is doing at a given moment. 

Hanna was a hero of faith and ethics. After speaking of God’s sovereignty ("God kills and makes alive") she proclaims that for the humble who believe in Him: (1 Sam. 2:9,8) “For the foundations of the earth are the LORD’s; on them he has set the world. He will guard the feet of his faithful servants, but the wicked will be silenced in the place of darkness. It is not by strength that one prevails. He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap; he seats them with princes and has them inherit a throne of honor.” 

Hannah, therefore, was a faithful steward of the promises of God by believing in them – and giving glory to God as a “GOOD” Father by receiving the very thing she asked from Him (a fish for a fish, bread for bread, an egg for an egg, and a son for a son).

At any rate, there is no need for appealing to vague notions of what God’s will is from divining or speculating form one’s current experience. To do so, is both inductive and not resting on Scripture as one's epistemology. Elijah prayed for rain 7 times. Think. During the failed 6th prayer could not Elijah have said, "because God has not answered me 6 times in a row, then it concludes that rain is not His will?" To do so is a false form of humility. It tramples on God’s sovereignty as a cheap thing, to avoid standing in faith on God’s Word. Also, to do so is to make one’s "own speculation" from inductive experience on equal grounds with Scripture--as a first principle for knowledge. This proceeds from a stupid mind and a heart of witchcraft. Why bother criticizing the Pope as a dual epistemology with Scripture if one makes their own speculative experience greater than God’s Word? Why even bother asking a witch to divine your life if you use own inductive speculations to find out God's secret decrees?


LASTLY, As God delivered the Israelites from Egypt(baptized them in the red sea), God has delivered me from sin and death—all by Himself with no help from me. However, just as with Joshua and the Israelites I was also Baptized in the Jordan river; and upon doing so God placed a sword in my hand and told me to take the land--He told me to overcome depression by His mighty and invincible Word!Hebrews said Joshua entered because of faith. Only faith in God would overcome the insurmountable troubles ahead of him. That is, by faith Joshua would overcome; without it he would fail just like the millions of dead corpses of the Israelites laying in the desert proved. Joshua did not look at the high walls and strong people as a burden—the only real burden was dealing with 40 years of the unbelief that surrounded him—rather, with a shout of triumph in the promise of his God, he overcame all things.  

When I realize that I did not find the escape from sin today, the issue is my unbelief in the promise of God. NLT 1 Corinthians 10:13, “When you are tempted, he will show you a way out so that you will not give in to it.” 

When I fall into temptation it is not that the promise of God failed; rather, it is my faith. It is not a burden for me to realize this! Some spiritually defective people might ask me, “How then, is faith not a burden to you?”

Hebrews 12:1–2 (LEB), “Therefore, let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the originator and perfecter of faith.” My faith is not perfect; however, the Perfect One and the author of my faith, is with me to mature and strengthen my faith. I am able to rebuke myself and in the promises of God—take my stand—knowing Jesus will improve and mature my faith. I do not see burdens; I see hope. I see many triumphs and victories through the imputed righteous of Jesus credited to my account by grace, even in healing, miracles overcoming depressions, and defeating temptations. I see a promise land--filled with enemies, that will fall by my sword of truth and shield of faith. I see joy in overcoming all things. When the battle seems to grind to a halt—when Moses’ hands fell—I see peace, knowing the Victory is still mine through faith, for the Author of my faith will strengthen the feeble hands that hang low. Faith in God’s promises is a constant river of joy, peace and victory.



Matthew 12:20  (NIV)

A bruised reed he will not break,
and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out,
till he has brought justice through to victory.


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