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Written by Oshea Davis   
Thursday, 30 January 2014

thumbnailThrough my partnership with Yale University at the Jonathan Edwards Center, I have a goal to transcribe unpublished sermons that particularly deal with Edwards' Christology. These sermons, in addition to being available at the Jonathan Edwards Center, are also at my website. ( However, I wanted to put together a sampling of these sermons in a printed form, and then expound on the Christ-o-centric preaching of Edwards: not a historical, but a theological focus. Edwards was a Christian, who above all, exuberated a love for the Christ. The sermons in this book will help show a man who saw the Excellency of Christ, and as a master painter, he exhibits to his audience a Masterpiece of his glorious God. Lastly, I have written two sermons. They are an endeavor to write modern day equivalents patterned after Jonathan Edwards. My hope is to enthuse the Christ-centered and Christ-supremacy preaching of Jonathan Edwards into the preaching of my peers.

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