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Written by Oshea Davis   
Friday, 27 December 2013

Normally I do not write about current events, but thought this was a good opportunity, not only to address a particular topic, but a broader problem that comes from the lack of not addressing Ultimate Questions, which in returns affects many topics in the public forum.


(This is a heavily footnoted essay, for this reason I would recommend the .pdf version which has them as footnotes rather than end-notes as presented here.) 



There has been a recent media firestorm revolving around the reality TV show Duck Dynasty and one of its members.  It centers on Phil Robertson and some comments he made in an interview he gave to a printed magazine.  In the interview he quotes 1 Corinthians 6:9 when it reads, “Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites.” Next, in a witty and bold manner he describes some female and male sexual anatomy.  He then concludes that it is illogical for a man to have preference to place his sexual organ in the inferior place of a man rather than women.

After this, the Show’s Network fired Phil Robertson. They did this because they found the idea of calling a homosexual sinful and illogical, as unacceptable. This appeared to cascade into a larger than average uniting of Christian and conservative Americans, coming together to voice their disagreement for firing Phil, simply because he quoted and agreed with the Bible concerning what it says over the reality of sexuality. The uproar from the public has been rather large and engaging.

[Up-date, the Network has now reinstated Phil, due to the outcry.]

            I have been generally disappointed with the so-called Christian leaders’ responses to this.  Simply put, they seem to be so engrossed into this culture they cannot speak the truth, because they are regurgitating the culture when they speak.  This I believe has led, maybe above all other reasons (pragmatically speaking), to why the church in the Western world has stopped leading the culture and why it as stopped growing.  One area they are failing is where they are so influenced by their love-affair with science that they have replaced the Biblical doctrine of God’s sovereignty over knowledge(and ontology) with empiricism. Empiricism denies God’s direct sovereignty over knowledge.  Sadly, the so-called breadwinners of preaching God’s sovereignty, the Reformed and Calvinist, seem more likely than any to have made this trade.  Some reports say the new millennial generation does not hold the high opinion of science’s reliability as previous generations. But alas’, what the children of the world are able to recognize seems hidden from our Christian leaders. They seem to make a habit with overlooking the obvious; however, Jesus was about recognizing the obvious. The Churches’ intellectuals are too immersed in the culture that they lose their ability to describe reality the way God has in His Revelation; that is, when they believe they are describing reality the way God has they are instead vomiting up what the pagan culture says over aspects of reality, and they are blind to this mix-up.

            What this means is that life is always bringing up opportunities to think about and address Ultimate Questions of reality.  By ultimate questions we are talking about...



First Principles[1], Metaphysics[2], Theology, Anthropology[3] and Ethics.  Even if someone does not think about such questions and their answers, nevertheless they, in order to think about life at all, must at least presuppose these subjects to which they infer ideas about a host of other issues and then live life from these assumptions.  To do so, however, is to live in vain. I say “vain” not as an appeal to ethics or emotions; rather, stating the logical outcome for such a living.

             And so, one Christian leader said there was not much to quack about.  I will try to assume the best from this individual that they were attempting to subdue a so-called over-engrossed out cry on such issues of American “free speech,” when things might get worse, and so pick the right battles to fight.  I am not even sure their response even made sense, let alone being helpful; but I felt they were trying to sincerely help something.  Other leading Christian intellectuals were barely able to point out the most obvious things in long winded essays—things a 7 year old could point out—such as the secular outcry against Phil Robertson was not at its heart a cry against him, his personal views or how he said it, but it was against God and how the Almighty describes reality.

            I found one of the more alarming responses from an individual who said that Phil’s description of the homosexual preference as illogical thinking(in light of biology), was incorrect and uncompassionate because the sin of homosexuality is “complex.”[4]  However, in Romans chapter 1 Paul says the moronic suppression of God’s truth in the unbelievers’ mind is as much the reason for fibbing as it is for homosexuality.[5]  Paul used the Greek word for “morons” in verse 22, teaching us the doctrine that debase and illogical thinking of reality leads to debase and illogical actions. This section starts with telling us that the unbelievers’ problem is not that they suppress their hearts and emotions of God; rather, they suppress God’s “truth,” (v.18). Furthermore, Paul tells us about epistemology[6] and metaphysics here in that God is the direct cause of knowledge in the mind.[7] That is, why do we know the biology of man and woman sex is “natural” and man and man is “moronic”(v.22) and “unnatural” and “not-fitting,”(v.27,28)? Because, rather than the senses and observation putting this knowledge in the mind, God has directly put it there, (v.1:20, 2:15).  In other words, the Biblical worldview denies empiricism and teachers the opposite, that all knowledge is put in the mind by God directly—often on the occasion of the senses, but many times without.[8]  That is, the senses only give the occasion that either stimulate knowledge in the mind—already put there by God—to surface, or which God then directly puts knowledge in the mind. Meaning that homosexuality apart from being lawlessness[9] (i.e. sin), the Scripture teaches us that men commit such lawless actions because they “suppress” ultimate answers of reality(including God’s law), which God put in them; and then, quite unfortunately from this vacuum of self-imposed ignorance they act illogically.  It would be similar if one suppressed the idea that additions and subtractions in mathematics is never correct and then acted in life upon this suppression of truth: they are acting illogical, moronic and debased.  If they would suddenly stop suppressing such truths, then both their mind and actions would stop being moronic and debased.

This is the inevitable outcome when one suppresses such important knowledge about reality: men and women become fools and from this act debased and unnatural. However, they would only be acting “unnatural” if reality is as God describes it.  Since observation gives no knowledge, then this created world gives us no knowledge. And so, since the knowledge for what is natural or unnatural cannot be given by observation or the senses then such definitions must come from a different epistemology. The scripture tells us God directly puts such knowledge in man’s mind.  Because God’s understanding about reality is the correct one, then if one suppresses such knowledge then they are going to view reality in a false system-of-thinking[10] and then also act upon these false assumptions.

            I say this, to show that for a Christian to appeal to biology within the Bible’s description of reality entails the connection of the Bible’s answers to epistemology(i.e. God’s Revelation) and metaphysics(i.e. God’s direction Sovereignty over all things) and ethics(God’s command).  This is important for not only does the Bible address all these ultimate questions but all things necessary for thought itself only converge in the Biblical worldview.[11]  

            Therefore, I find it a disappointment when most of my country’s intellectual thinkers seem to rehearse little more than their audience. I expect immature Christians to make amateur mistakes by focusing this event primarily on Christian free speech in American,[12] but not from its leaders.  The only thing most leaders appeared to say is an encouragement not to focus on free speech (political/cultural advice), and some were able to squeak out a quick Biblical doctrine or two.

            Here is the big idea, when a moment like this happens it is not about telling people political advice; rather, like Jesus when political pressure was put on Him(when he was told Herod was looking for him), He took advantage of this moment to call Herod a name and preach some Biblical truth about reality, “Go, tell that fox, 'Behold, I cast out demons and perform cures today and tomorrow, and the third day I shall be perfected.” Jesus did the same when questioned about the political/culture tension of Pilate mixing the blood with sacrifices and the tower which fell and kill 18 people.  He took advantage, not to regurgitate the same culture sayings of His time; rather, He took advantage to speak over His culture with sweeping doctrines of God’s sovereignty(metaphysics), doctrines of man’s sinfulness in relation to others and God (theology, anthropology) and a call to gospel repentance.  Paul when addressing the Greeks at Mars Hill (Acts 17) spoke miles over the culture and convictions of his peers by proclaiming truths about epistemology, theology, metaphysics, anthropology and ethics that simply were foreign to his audience.  This is the very reason why Paul led and shaped the culture around him, He spoke God’s truth about reality (which is always foreign to unbelievers and their way-of-thinking), and so whether famous or infamous Paul’s gospel and Biblical truths were heard, and their power filled many hearts of men.

            When Paul spoke to the Greeks, he first deconstructed their way-of-thinking about reality as a false one: in a rather insulting manner. He tells them that with all their philosophers and with all their gods they worship, that the correct philosophy and correct God was the “unknown” one to them. That is, their epistemology was a false one because it has not led them to understand life correctly. It had led them to many false assumptions and conclusions. Their first principle(s) lead them in a fairy-tale of horror, where they are always finding new philosophies and new gods but are never arriving at the truth: Americans with their skepticism and agnosticism have a similar nightmare. If your first principle for knowledge is false one, then how can one find truths in causality, human relationships and in ethics?

            This is the predicament of the ungodly and unbeliever.  Their worldview is in constant flux. They attempt to better themselves by going from change to change; that is, they go from wrong to wrong, from mistaken to mistaken: always searching but never finding.  Their worldview never began in truth and so it is off the mark from the start.  Therefore, to change is to be better, until they find out what they changed changes nothing or it makes things worse.  They live in a constantly moving fairytale of horror.  Their fairytales of sciences, religion and ethics are always changing, sometimes to their opposites, but still all this change does not give them truth or perfection.  

            Unbelievers suppress the truth of God (Rom.1.18), but this still does not remove from their minds that there is something wrong with themselves (they are not as happy as the want) and both their lives and this world is in constant drama and upheaval.  Something needs to change.  They need some new ethics and metaphysics.  They observe, and then observe more, and then they observe even some more, yet, both their lives and the world’s does not seem to be a better place.  Unbelievers do not want to admit their suppression of God’s truth is the problem, but then they turn around and say we need to keep changing. They are hypocrites.

            Christians do not face such a path of stupidity and hypocrisy.  God reveals Himself in the Scriptures, and in the power of the Spirit causes His own to listen, believe and crave Him.  God does not change His revelation; rather, God keeps telling every generation to keep loving, trusting and hanging unto every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.  From the start Christians know they are on the right path, the good path.  Thus, to better themselves they merely keep on the path set before them in Christ, and empowered by the Spirit.  To look to the left or right, that is, to change for the Christian, would be to tread on a second-rate and unhealthy road.

This idea of “change to better” or the idea of “keep adding gods” or “keep adding new philosophies” concept is to mask over the fact their way-of-thinking is inferior. The apostle Paul addresses this to the Greeks and then after showing their system-of-thinking is false, Paul begins to preach Biblical truths about reality by showing them they are presupposing all necessary things regarding thought, being and causality from the Biblical system-of-thinking.[13]

            Paul tells them that all men move and have their being in God, including the mind and knowledge. By this he informs them the connection of the Bible’s first principle and causality.  God directly gives all knowledge and logical movement of the mind and has given us His revelation; and in theses last days He has finished and proven this revelation by the resurrection and gospel of His Son. It is not that the a study of a historical resurrection from observation proves this; rather, God makes His chosen ones to understand and acknowledge these historical truths by His direct power over the mind.  And so, even this knowledge is put directly in the mind by God with or without the senses: God, upon the occasion of the senses when one reads the Bible or has it preached to them, will put this knowledge in their mind. And so, when on reads their Bible rather than this assuming logic, or the senses, the reverse is true; namely that, logic and the senses presuppose God’s causality over logic and the senses and knowledge in order for a person to read their Bible. By His own good pleasure, this is God’s normal way of doing things.

In any case, because of this God’s law defines ethics, both by the inward knowledge of God’s law He puts in man’s heart and through the law of the Gospel in the Revelation of Jesus Christ.  This of course was both offensive, ridiculous and foreign to the Greeks; however, God by His power, as He caused light to shine out of nothing by unstoppable power, has created this knowledge in some of their hearts(He stopped the suppression of His truth in their hearts), causing them to believe and be born as children of God.

            There is an unfortunate atmosphere in American culture and media where ultimate questions are restricted to only a discussion of ethics within a vacuum; that is, first principles, metaphysics, ontology, logic, theology are not allowed into the debate or conversation. Without a system-of-thinking that supports knowledge or causality then the discussion goes south very abruptly. Even worse, the winner of the ethics battle is he/she who asserts their opinions the loudest, appeals to the emotions the hardest, or who is the most manipulative or has enough money to buy popular opinion.

Too often Christians, rather than following the example of Scripture in how to preach it’s way-of-thinking, will try to engage the culture within this ethical vacuum.  This is a problem because within the Biblical philosophy[14] ethics do not come from within a vacuum or science, or observation or any other place except by the direct power of God putting this propositional knowledge within the human mind.  And so, for a Christian to discuss ethics without the Bible’s teaching of epistemology and metaphysics and theology is to discuss ethics by assuming the Christian God does not exist: that is, one must assume Christianity is false and paganism is true. They must assume atheism.  Surprisingly, I see Christians do this. However, Jesus did not preach nor do apologetics like this.  Paul did not preach or do apologetics like this.  Paul realizing the Christian’s ethics and the Greeks’ ethics were contradictory to one another, did not try to meet them somewhere in the middle by not bringing up the Bible’s teaching on first principles, causality and theology; rather, he dismantled their inferior way-of-thinking from their first principle to their ethics and then showed the superior way-of-thinking and salvation of the Christian worldview.  He forced and made the conversation—which was narrowly minded toward idol worship and the ethics of idol worship—to be much bigger by injecting many ultimate questions into the debate, and then from this show the glory of the Christ and the Christian philosophy.  Jesus often times did this in an apologetic fashion with the Jewish leaders when they made the discussion narrowly about tradition or particular ethics; Jesus would not go there with them but would either quote passages of Scripture that dealt with an ultimate question, and thus not only show the falsehood of the leaders but enlarge the thinking of His audience[15], or he would simply apply logic[16] and show the nonsense of the leaders way-of-thinking.[17]

            Therefore, when my American culture punishes a Christian for speaking God’s revelation of ethics over sexuality as being a bad ethic, it is the perfect position for Christian intellectuals and laypersons to follow the example of Jesus and His apostles.

Instead of following the narrow and inferior thinking of confining sexuality to only ethics(for them it is the ethics of their feelings getting hurt) we could follow Jesus and open the debate to ultimate question of epistemology, metaphysics and theology. For example, consider Jesus when he was forced into an ethical debate about sexuality and union of marriage: Mark 10:5-9, “And Jesus answered and said to them, "Because of the hardness of your heart he wrote you this precept. “But from the beginning of the creation, God 'made them male and female.' 'For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, 'and the two shall become one flesh'; so then they are no longer two, but one flesh.  "Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate."

Regarding their first principle of knowledge Jesus demonstrated they were resting on human tradition rather than the Scripture, which is why he quoted Scripture: not merely to show they miss-interpreted the scripture, but more, they were resting on a separate epistemology entirely. Although Moses giving the permission of divorce is recorded in Scripture, yet from this they made-up their own inductive and human traditions that invalidated the Scripture as a whole.  Jesus goes to creation to give epistemology its connection to causality about marriage; that is, not only did God create (metaphysics) but created in man the knowledge of God and knowledge that the union of man and women is not only God’s natural establishing of His image in creation, but it is His law that this His image be displayed and be obeyed. This is why homosexuality is a further suppression of God’s truth. When a man and women suppress God’s truth by having sex outside of marriage they are not suppressing the image that the church properly is to be united to Christ as a rib belongs within a person. Homosexual behavior not only suppresses particular truths of God that sinful heterosexual behavior does,[18] but it also suppresses additional truths. It is a deeper suppression of God’s truth.

Here is Vincent Cheung,

God did not bring him another man, but as Adam recognized, this other human was "taken out of man." Afterward humans would increase by sexual procreation, so that each woman after Eve would not come from the side of a man, just as each man after Adam would not directly come from the earth. Still, the Scripture says, "For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh" (2:24). Adam and Eve had no human parents, but from their relationship Scripture derives principles for future pairs that would have parents, showing that this relationship functions as a type or pattern for those that follow. That is, in a sexual relationship between humans, one member is like the one who was taken out of the earth, and the other is like the one who was taken out of man; otherwise, the relationship would be essentially dissimilar to the pattern established by Adam and Eve, and would exhibit a distortion of God's image rather than a true likeness…

In other words, it is not that the relationship between Christ and the church received its pattern from Genesis 2:24, but that Genesis 2:24 received its pattern from Christ and the church. Whereas Genesis 2:24 makes the marriage of Adam and Eve a type for future couples, the union between Christ and the church is in fact the archetype for all marriages, including the one between Adam and Eve. The apostle calls this a "profound mystery," which in the Bible does not refer to something difficult to understand but to information hidden until a certain time, and that turns out to be simple and obvious when disclosed by revelation. The full meaning of human marriage was not revealed, or at least not revealed in such explicit terms, until the arrival of Jesus Christ.

Again, Paul's use of Genesis 2:24 indicates that, while the marriage of Adam and Eve provides a type for future marriages, it was in fact derived from the archetype of the union of Christ and the church. And while human marriage and sexuality began with creation and will eventually cease (Matthew 22:30), the union of Christ and the church was foreordained before the creation of the world and shall continue forever. Therefore, a human marriage is a reflection of Christ and the church. It has been this way since Adam and Eve. Although the union between Christ and the church is not a sexual relationship, the church is portrayed as female, and as the bride of Christ; likewise, we have established that Genesis 2:24 refers to marriage between a man and a woman. This in turn means that relationships that deviate from this pattern – that are adulterous, homosexual, religiously mixed, and so on – are incapable of properly reflecting and honoring the union of Christ and the church, and thus they are also inherently inferior, defective, and sinful.[19]


Back to our point. Human tradition is inductive and so leads to skepticism, but skepticism always leads to the denial of the law-of-noncontradiction.  Therefore, the first principle of the Jewish leaders was not only anti-Scripture(a separate worldview from the Biblical one) it was also false for it denies the law-of-noncontradiction. From this ash heap Jesus gives God’s revelation as our epistemology, which is non-contradictory and gives enough propositions to pertain to all of life and is self-authenticating.[20]  From here we learn the origin, meaning, purpose[21] and laws to obey regarding man and women, sex and marriage. We learn these converge together to be a joyful display of Christ’s wonderful and great love for His church, who is looked upon as His spiritual bride. Since this is so close to God’s goal to give the world as a loving gift for His Son Jesus, the Father has therefore given, laws concerning sex, marriage and the distinctions of man and women. Those who act differently not only violate God’s law, but they place themselves to be actively interfering with God loving His Son Jesus. The Father created reality for the single purpose to LOVE His Son with public supremacy.[22] The Father will not take kindly to those who slap His hand out of the way and try to disrupt the infinite motion of His love to give the world as a gift to His Son.  The world is spinning as the spokes of wheel to this single purpose and motion of God; now, one can chose to be a spoke by joining the Father in His love crusade of His Son and also join the Son in the infinite motion of His love to His Father, or be crushed under this wheel that is moving with unstoppable power. 

            With sexuality we learn from Scripture how first principles of knowledge and causality work together.  Knowledge is only known by the mind through God’s revelation, whether innate knowledge, math homework or gospel knowledge.  This means not only did God create reality, but by His direct power puts this actual knowledge and the meaning for why He created reality as it is(at least the basics) into the mind at conception.[23] In fact, the laws of logic are put in the mind directly by God when we are created.  We know this because the Holy Spirit tells us in Romans 2 that God’s “laws” plural are put into the mind directly by God, apart from observation and sensation. The only way one may know laws “plural” is if the mind is already working in formal logic.  This is why Jesus is called the logos and we are created in His image.  

Where is the scribe; where are the wise people of my age?  Who is able justify such things?  Science? It is inundated with the logical fallacies of induction and affirming the consequent; and so, it is as far from justifying knowledge as pink unicorns are. By affirming the consequent science even forfeits the ability to establish a correlation let alone cause and effect.  Those who stand on science as a worldview love to give all sorts of knowledge on so-called facts and theories, yet science cannot justify knowledge!  Therefore, it must borrow such presuppositions from an epistemology that does justify knowledge, which is from the Biblical worldview.  Yet, this Biblical worldview which science is presupposing says all other ways-of-thinking are false. Because of this, science not only is falsified but positively shows the Christian God as the actual reality: this is similar to how the law of noncontradiction is self-authenticated when one denies it they must use it. How about Islam?  It denies the law-of-noncontradiction by affirming their god is unknowable.[24]

            What this means is whether there is an ethical public debate about divorce or homosexuality it is a grand opportunity to expose the inferior and empty foundations of those who try to justify their sins.  We do this so that after tearing down we may preach the superiority, glory and grace of Jesus Christ. We want to warn and encourage men and women in the knowledge of Christ.

            Further, murdering infidels by Muslims of those who resist their philosophy is not wrong because it is wrong; rather, it would only be wrong if their philosophy is a false way of viewing reality and the Christian one is the right one, otherwise they would be justified in blowing up people.  That is, their ethic of “murder” is only false or correct if their entire worldview is false or correct. This is similar with those who say their ethics of sexuality is correct.  They can only defend the ethic of—my feelings are hurt by your opinions and therefore my sexual behavior is right because we are consenting adults[25]—is only falsified or made true if their entire worldview or philosophy is true or false. But the problem is worse than not being about to justify ethics, they cannot justify knowledge, logic and all things necessary for any intelligence whatsoever. Their system-of-thinking is nothing and is to be mocked for being so easily falsifiable.

At any rate, this is the same reason why Jesus so hated by those who He warned.  Because He so easily falsified their philosophy—which was used to justify their sins—they hated Jesus. He made them look childish for believing the things they did.  Yet, despite that fact He healed their children, made their daughters rise from the grave, showed so much compassion to their destitute, and over and over again invited them to the grace of His new covenant they could not get past the offence of being made to look like fools in their thinking.  Still, God had mercy on many of them so that even slow-minded scribes like Nicodemus came to his senses at the end and love Jesus by helping to buy spices for his tomb. Yes! even those who are a stench of death in the nostrils’ of God can be recreated and born-again to become a sweet smelling offering to the glory of Christ’s triumph over death and sin.

            Moreover, it brings me joy—for the sake of a huge opening to expose their empty system-of-thinking and to preach the superior Christ—when the public debates brings up the so-called problem of the Bible telling us not judge others.  The passage in Matthew and Luke, which are often quoted, tell us the opposite; that is, they tell us TO JUDGE, but not as hypocrites. Not everyone is a hypocrite, and the fact that Jesus tells us to remove the problem from our own eye so that we might help our brother presupposes we are able to do so.  Thus, to everyone—especially to those who are hypocrites[26]—we are commanded to be in their business and judge.  Jesus did this all the time. For example consider John 8:20-31. At the end of this passage it says that Jesus then spoke to those who “believed him.” This show us in the previous passage Jesus was focusing on those who did not believe Him and to them Jesus said, “You are from beneath; I am from above. You are of this world; I am not of this world. "Therefore I said to you that you will die in your sins; for if you do not believe that I am He, you will die in your sins." Jesus at various time went out of His way to get in the business of the Jewish leaders and tell them that their ways are evil, and also that God has provided them a way of escape and a way to obtain honor, glory and immortality.  Jesus showed the evil and also the nonsense of their system-of-thinking, but then also preached to them from this advantage point of the glory of God’s Son as the bread of life, and light of life.  

            Oh that men and women would rise up in my generation to expose the inferiority of this worlds’ foolish way-of-thinking, and vice versa, exhibit the superiority of the resurrected Christ and the treasure of all knowledge that is hidden with Him and the Father.  Jesus commands Christian teachers and preachers, leaders and intellectuals to teach the people “EVERYTTHING” that He commanded and taught. Matthew 28:20, "teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age." Amen.”  This is why our intellectuals have failed us. They gather and study but when a great moment comes to teach the people everything Jesus taught us they get distracted with merely political advice(even if it is advice not to get too political) or barely pinch out a doctrine a grammar school child could notice in their sleep: they hold back the riches of knowledge, commands and treasures from the Scripture, which has so much to say about reality and life.



Oh child of this earth, made from this earth and who will be bound by invisible chains to it its fiery death if you do not repent and believe who Jesus Christ said He was; hear the voice which comes from above to you who are below. The Voice that shapes reality, gives ethics by its commands and thunders hope in cries of “it is finished” to those looking for redemption, has sought and found you yet again as He promised.   Have you struggled with such sins as a covetous soul, a deceitful tongue, and homosexual thoughts even before you hit puberty?  Have your felt within your soul that you lost this war before it even began?  Does such thoughts feel you with hopelessness?  Does having lost a war before it began mean you will always be this way? 

Have you forgotten Abram when God Almighty found him struggling in his blood as a baby, abandoned with no one to rub salt on him?  Like you, his war of redemption was lost before he could begin! Yet, it is this man, who God shined a light upon his soul; He washed him in faith, rubbed truth upon his mind and caused, he who was abandoned, to be the father of many nations to the glory of Christ; and in becoming such a father it was also to Abraham’s great joy for in this he became a friend of God.  And God did this with one little word when He said, “I [say] to you in your blood, 'Live!' Yes, I [say] to you in your blood, LIVE!”[27]  But since then, the WORD of God Himself, the Son, has died and has risen from the grave sitting on His throne over all; He is ready to speak many words of redemption over you. Stop your doubting and believe! Believe in God, and believe in His Son.

Salvation which is impossible for man is reality with the God. Has your sins made you a foreigner to God?  Does a crucified and risen Son of God to pay the penalties of your sin seem offensive to you?  “And so why would God save me,” you might ask? Yet, have you forgotten that in the days of Elisha the only leper to be healed was the foreigner Naaman, who when he was told of God’s salvation was offended and at first rejected the power of the God of Israel. Yet, through Naaman’s servant God animated Naaman to faith, “if the prophet had told you to do something great, would you not have done it? How much more then, when he says to you, 'Wash, and be clean' So he went down and dipped seven times in the Jordan, according to the saying of the man of God; and his flesh was restored like the flesh of a little child, and he was clean.”

Believe! Even if you first rejected believe. Do not foam at your mouth in madness; do not like a dog return to your vomit, to your irrational thinking, unnatural living and alienation from the Life of the Son of God, go! and find the banks of river foam in mild waves of mercy.

For those who truly judge Christ as the faithful accomplishment of God’s promised mercy for sinners, then I say look up, for Christ is shining in the east for you.  Press hard into the Kingdom of God. Let nothing hinder you from believing in God’s mercy, and Christ's imputed righteousness apart from your works!  Overcome all hindrances and besetting doubt, wrestle all angles and demons, endure all hardships and suffering, forsake all family and friends if you must, but let nothing stop you from laying your head down to sleep every night knowing you have abandoned all self-reliance, and abounded all self-righteousness, and all worldly dreams, fully judging Christ as having done everything to save you and unite you to Himself.  Judge Him faithful who was faithful even unto the death of a cross for sinners like us. 

[1] Within a worldview this refers to first principle(s) of knowledge.

[2] Within a worldview this refers to causality and being.

[3] This refers to mankind and societies.

[4] This could be said about every sin in some sense, but it misses the main teaching of the Bible about sin. Also, the effects of sin might be complex but our sinning is not so, for the bible tells us so.

[5] Some might abject and say, but the passage defines homosexuality differently because God gave them over to their debase minds. Yet, in context what do you suppose this means, I ask you?  It means God gave them over to further suppress the truth of God, which by this leads them to even lose the mental ability to understand very basic things such what is natural and unnatural; with this they lose having right mental inclinations about them such issues as well. Suppressing the truth of God is what debasing one’s mind is, God simply allows them to suppress(debase) His truth further. This is why such things as homosexuality is worse than heterosexual fornication, for this behavior is a further suppression of God’s truth than the later.

[6] By this we mean within a worldview/philosophy or system-of-thinking about the world the aspect concerning where this worldview stands on for its First Principle of knowledge. I interchange the word “epistemology” with “first principles.”

[7] The NLT paraphrases Roman 1:19 in a helpful way: “the truth about God is known to them instinctively. God has put this knowledge in their hearts.”  In other words, God has already put propositions, logic and knowledge in us, without observations and the use of our senses!  Also, if we do gather new information “God,” not the power of observation, is said to put this in our hearts and minds.  This is also seen with “knowledge” about the gospel of Jesus Christ.  For example, 2 Corinthians 4:6, “The God who commanded light to shine out of darkness, has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.”  God, not reading it in the Bible or hearing it when a person preaches, but God Himself puts this “knowledge” and propositions in us as supernaturally—usually with the occasion of the senses—as He caused light to shine out of nothing in the creating of the universe.  To know more see my book: The Undefeatable Worldview. Also recommended is Vincent Cheung’s book, Ultimate Questions.

[8] For example, innate knowledge we are born with. There are many recorded dreams and visions God has given in the scriptures, which new knowledge given and yet no sense or observation was involved. Bible from this alone shows that observation and the sense cannot be a first principle for knowledge.

[9] 1 John 3:4, “Whoever commits sin also commits lawlessness, and sin is lawlessness.”  Sin at its heart is not about a nasty feeling or thought in one’s the heart; rather, a nasty thought is sin because it is breaking God’s law.  Sin is the breaking of God’s law.


[10] I interchange these words (1)Worldview, (2)System-of-thinking and (3)Philosophy, as meaning roughly the same thing.

[11] See my book, The Undefeatable Worldview, for how this looks in syllogistic form.

[12] There could some ligament reasons for such a strong focus if one believes God has called them to politics as their occupation.

[13] For more see my friend, Vincent Cheung, and his book, Presuppositional Confrontations

[14] i.e. system-of-thinking

[15] Mark 10:5-9, “And Jesus answered and said to them, "Because of the hardness of your heart he wrote you this precept. “But from the beginning of the creation, God 'made them male and female.' 'For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife,  'and the two shall become one flesh'; so then they are no longer two, but one flesh.  "Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate."

[16] Luke 11:17, “But He, knowing their thoughts, said to them: "Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and a house divided against a house fall.”

[17] And then from this position Jesus would preach the gospel: Luke 11:20, "But if I cast out demons with the finger of God, surely the kingdom of God has come upon you.”

[18] Mainly that Christ’s love to His Church is particular, focused and holy, as His Father’s love is to Him.

[19] Vincent Cheung., “Homosexuality and the Wrath of God,” from his book, Sermonettes Volume 1, 2010, page.94-100.

[20] This is in fact the requirements for any worldview to have in order not to boil down into contradictions or unintelligibility, which I argue only converges in the Biblical worldview.

[21] Ephesians 5:22-33.

[22] Ephesians 1:10, Colossians 1:13-19.

[23] This solves the mind body problem of knowledge and thought.

[24] How do you know something is unknowable? Did you get enough knowledge about this first to conclude its unknowable, but if this is the case then your subject is knowable. If you do not have enough knowledge about your subject how can you rationally say you know for sure its unknowable? Therefore, again this system of thought collapses on itself; it is not self-authenticating or justified.

[25] I am still not sure what they mean by that.  How that helps their argument is beyond me, in additions to being beyond logic.

[26] The word, Hypocrite, is the moral form or ethical way of describing when a mind denies the law-of-noncontradiction.

[27] Ezekiel 16:6

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