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Written by Oshea Davis   
Thursday, 11 January 2007




         My mission statement burns on my soul like fire: "I exit to proclaim the Glory and Fame of God, so that all peoples will treasure and value the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ forever", which is why I not only have this web site up but I am also involved in a Christian worship Rock band called Kairo, a Christian film company called Kairo Films and also a book writer. My goal is to be a means of grace to the church and this world in every area the Lord will permit me to go.  The first picture is a picture of "Kairo Films" which I am on the right my twin brother is on the left and the president in the middle is Mau-B. I contribute mostly as a theological backing and write for the monthly newsletter. You can go to the web site and sign up to read it. My "media" section under my articles will host some of these articles, which I will write for this newsletter. 

          My thoughts run like this. I am tried of Christians, while standing down stream of the culture, only complaining about all the junk in it; therefore my goal is to go up stream and influence the culture as much as the LORD will permit. Which is why I am part of a Christian Band called Kairo. Our goal is to combine the best of Rock music with words as theologically deep as the older Hymns. Our musical style is at times like the groups of U2 or the Goo Goo dolls. Lord willing we hope to come out with a professional demo by this early summer. Also you my listen to some of our samples here:


 Oshea Davis (kairo) at SOUND CLOUD


I have some music and video at my youtube acount.


























































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