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Written by Oshea Davis   
Saturday, 16 December 2006

All materials are Oshea Davis copyright. 


         (1.)You have permission to quote me for websites (if used for christian teaching), scholarly, church, and ministry purposes without having to ask my permission. All I ask is that you include (copywrite Oshea Davis, 

         (2.) If you wish to quote all the content of an article, then please email and ask permission through my contact page

         You may print an article in its entirety if used within the context of your local church and ministry for teaching purposes, other wise you do not.  If you do this I would appreciate an email indicating that you have done so and in what context.          

         (3.)You may link to my website without having to ask my permission as long as it is in good intention.   

         (4.)If you quote something from one of my books I ask you please give the name of the book and year. (Copyright Oshea Davis   book name   year    )   

         (5.)If you are going publish anything in (e)book or (e)magazine (etc.) I ask you would please ask my permission first.  

         (6.)You do not have my permission to quote me under any circumstance if you trying to defame me or take me out of context and willfully distort my intentions.


* Regarding the Edwards Sermons*

          For permission use of the original version please see the Yale Edwards Center.

        Please feel free to link to my Edwards web-page and/or either sermon and/or the .pdf of the sermon - only if it is with good intent toward me, Jonathan Edwards and the Edwards Center.  These sermons are for the sole intent for church, educational and scholarly purposes.  You do not have my permission to place the sermon in its entirety @ your website, unless you ask and I give you permission.  Although, for the copy-edited version, feel free to print the sermon if used for teaching within the context your local church or ministry  -if you print please email me via my contact page the context for printing the sermon.


Thank you.


If you have and inquires please email at the Contact page.

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