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Written by Oshea Davis   
Thursday, 30 November 2006

Oshea Davis

Born January 1980


I am a member of my local church in Jacksonville Beach Florida.

This site is not a pariah-church organization. I am under my local pastor.


I am a book writer, a songwriter, a musician (Electric Guitar) and teacher of the Glory of Jesus Christ in my local church and other places.



                  I grew up in a Godly Family, which wonderfully taught me the grace and truth of Jesus Christ. My Father who has a Masters in Systematic Theology was instrumental to me to my faith in my mid teens to early twenties. My Father was in the military so I have lived all over the world and attended many different churches. Ranging from Baptist, Church of God, Vineyard, Sovereign Grace and Independent. At the present the church to which I attend is a Charismatic/Calvinist Church. 


          In my mid teens, I was in the middle of dealing with depression as I was battling a sin, which I was fighting. I was attending a Charismatic church, which was not reformed. At this time in my life I had never heard of the Name of John Calvin, for the Charismatic church I attended consider the name and way of thinking (Calvinism) to be a four-letter word. I never knew that there was another way of seeing God other that to what I had been taught, although in my prayer life and meditations I had been dealing with questions. Then one day I read Romans chapter 9 in my daily bible reading (My father made me read the whole bible before I could get my drivers license) in the backseat of my father’s 1989 celebrity. Without knowing it, I instantly became a Calvinist. I completely embraced the total absolute Sovereignty of God over all things, even over all the free actions of men, especially over the salvation of man. Maybe because I am a twin that Romans 9 with its example of Jacob and Esau really hit home to me, but whatever the case was, God by His Spirit, open my eyes to how wonderful and infinite my God is. At this point, my love for God grew, because God seemed so big and incredible that I had too know this God more! Then, not to shortly after this watershed moment my father gave me John Piper’s Book “The pleasures of God.” As Piper explained how God’s greatest pleasure and love, even above me, was Himself my heart grew in amazement in how great this Supreme God must be.


            Starting at this time I realized the only way to win the war, not just battle, against sin was to know and delight my self in God as hard as I could, according to the correct truth of Jesus Christ’s true greatness and fullness. I thus went from reading only my bible to reading about 700 to 2000 or more pages of material yearly. In this first year, I read almost 3 hundred or more of John Pipers sermons and 3 of his books, John Edwards, George Whitefield, C. H. Spurgeon, St. Augustine, John Calvin, John Owens, A. W. Pink, R. C. Sproul, Sam Storms, and many more. I simply read so much because I wanted to fight sin and know this God who seemed so infinite and indescribable to me. Moreover, the same is today except that I now wish to study to teach as well. I did not plan to become a teacher but only came about as a result from what I just mentioned.


          My life mission statement comes from Isaiah 66:19, “Those among them who escape I will send to the nations: who have not heard My fame nor seen My glory. And they shall declare My glory among the Gentiles.” To which I construct this statement: “I exit to proclaim the Glory and Fame of God, so that all peoples will treasure and value the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ forever.” I grew up where the truth of God’s real Fame and Glory was not taught very well and therefore saw with my own eyes the slow and stunted grow of my peers, whom I sincerely love, as they suffered hard, at times, for not having the “whole counsel of God” preached to them. This is my passion: to exalt the true Glory of the God’s image and Gospel through Jesus Christ. I want revival and reformation to sweep across American and I know this will not happen until the church is able to see God in His true Greatness and love Him for it. This is where I wish to help. The task seems big, but the seriousness of the church in America compels me to do so. My God and Savoir Jesus Christ deserves for His church to worship Him in His true image and Fame. 


Not being married I have been able to devote myself to the study of the scripture with great time and effort for almost 14 years, with the study habits and principles I learned from my father.

                If someone would have told me I would be an avid reader and writer when I was younger I would have laughed.  I still have to deal with lazy eye and other problems, but I believe over the years God has sown me He has called me to preach His gospel through the talents He has given me.  I never tied to make this my life's goal but it seems to me God has pushed and called me to this. 

                I moved to Florida in 2003 (I was 23) to help take care of my elderly grandmother.  God taught me many things during those five years of serving that precious woman of God.  During this time I had to take a job out of my career path (computers) being a security guard at a parking garage, in order to better serve my grandmother; but God's hand was in this.  I suddenly had lots of time on my hands and felt God's Spirit call me to write.  So I published a website( and wrote several books.  One book is published and is titled: The Divine Decrees. This book John Piper endorsed on his 2007 December blog.  Monergism( endorses this book and some of my articles on their website.

                I do not pretend to know all what God has called me to, but I do believe He has called me herald His Son's fame through Him being crucified for sinners and raised for His glory and their joy in Him.  I have made it my aim in my studies to make my gospel as pure as possible, untainted from worldly logic.  I am gifted in music (electric guitar), music recording, script writing, book writing, teaching and other things.  My heart's desire is to preach a pure gospel through the talents Christ has given me.  




Doctrinal Beliefs:


I am not trying to start a new Christian organization so therefore I will not list a complete doctrine of beliefs, but will just skim the surface.


I am a “Charismatic / Calvinist”: This I believe will explain most of what I wish to say in the shortest way of saying it. 


I will be teaching on this site from the following doctrinal convictions.


1.That the bible is the infallible Word of God, inspired by God, and without error 


2. God’s main Passion and love above all things is Himself or specifically in His Son Jesus Christ. God does all He does out of enjoyment of Himself leading to His passion that His Glory be properly displayed and communicated. Nothing in the universe escapes this purpose. God creates all that He creates, ordains everything in life to Glorify His Name and Fame so that those who make Christ their supreme treasure God will reward them ever-increasing happiness in Himself.


3.  God has absolute (active) Sovereign Freedom and overflows infinitely in every possible perfection. God knows all things. God is never frustrated. God is the metaphysical cause of all things even evil, which is all directed for the displaying of his infinite beauty in Christ.  


4. Salvation through Jesus Christ is based on the everlasting Covenant between the Godhead (Trinity), made and agreed to before the creation of the World. Because of this God never fails in saving the specific persons He chooses to save. Therefore Salvation is not of mans free will but of God who chooses in freedom, love and mercy to save. Jesus Christ is a complete Savior on the cross, at a definite time and place: this is true in every application of life from justification, new birth, faith, sanctification and glorification.


5. That Christ is the Son of God sent to earth 2000 years ago by the Father to become for the church; Her reconciliation to God by taking on Her sin and giving to Her His righteousness and every possible spiritual blessing promised by God, who cannot lie. God gives these free gifts to the saints because the Father infinitely loves His Son, because the Son is now in Heaven showing His Father His nail pierced hands and feet interceding on behalf of His bride whom He is to be the Judge of and of the wicked, rewarding one eternal damnation and the other eternal enjoyment of Himself. 


6. Man is a complete Slave to sin, so much so that He is dead toward God in every way.


7. The Holy Spirit is the only means by which a dead soul comes to life and is empowered to believe (faith) in the Lord Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit is the day-to-day life and power, which sustains the Christian to live a Holy Life. The Holy Spirit and His giftings listed in 2 Corinthians 12-14 are still in use today for the growth and building up of the body of Christ (Church).


 8. That true repentance, love and Holiness toward Jesus Christ are absolutely necessary in our every day lives to demonstrate our confession of Christ was authentic.  


9. Biblical manhood in and womanhood in the bible was not cultural but creational and therefore is till meant for today. The ordaining of women to Pastors is contrary to the bible. Men are to be leaders in the home so that what Christ’s commanded is accomplished.


10. The creation account in Genesis is a literal account of Creation. 


This is not a complete list, but it is just to mention some basics. I will be updating this as time goes on, Lord willing.  Please go here to read a fuller written out statement of beliefs to which I adhere too. I did not write it but have read it (John Piper) and found it to be very close to what I believe. I encourage all to read it and think about it.      


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