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The Unstoppable Supremacy Of The Christ (Romans 8) Print E-mail
Written by Oshea Davis   
Wednesday, 30 July 2014


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This book is a Sermonette/Commentary on Romans chapter eight.


It will focus on contrasting a Biblical way of looking at the world vs. a non-biblical system-of-thinking. In this contrast one will discover non-Christian philosophies are empty superstitions.  They do not give knowledge of the world as it is, and they do not give progress or salvation.


On the other hand, the Christian through God's revelation finds that they are on the good path from the start. God has not only given His beloved Children a self-authenticating first principle that describes the world as it is, but it reveals a God who came down to this dusty earth and did something wonderful. God did the planning. He did the saving and redeeming. He did the heavy lifting Himself and saved His chosen ones. And now, the same endless power that caused light to burst out of the void of darkness, that power which raised Jesus Christ from the grave, also surges in the souls of His children to believe, love and hope.


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