The Bible is the Infinite Existence's self-disclosure about how Famous He is really is, as He shines this beauty through His Son Jesus Christ. My life verse: Isaiah 66:19.

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Written by Oshea Davis   
Tuesday, 14 November 2006

My name is Oshea Davis. 

 This site has been in the works for years. Over the years of teaching, book writing, forum discussions and many other biblical activities has lead me to publish my own web site featuring biblical and theological articles.

 To know more about me please go the to the contact page.

Please be patient as we finish the last touches on the layout and uploading the content. 


I grew up in the “Church of God” denomination until my late teens. One day while sitting in the back seat of my father’s car I read Romans chapter 9 and my whole world changed. With in an instant I completely believed in the full sovereignty of God in mans salvation and all things. Soon after during my 16birthday my father gave


me John Piper’s book “Pleasures of God” and my heart was set on fire. For the first time I was discovering the grace to fight sin and live more fully in my Lord Jesus Christ. I knew the only way to live a authentically holy and to truly find pleasure in Christ was to know Him as deeply I was could in this short life time. I therefore went from having read zero books the previous year to then reading in the following year bout 2000 or 3000 pages of material, which included about 300 sermons of John Piper and 3 of his books, and countless documents form Jonathan Edward, John Owens and many more. I have therefore seen the wonderful life change a believer can experience from beholding our Lord Jesus in His true Fame and Glory. Which is why I am passionate about the website. I desire to see people mature as authentic blood bought Children of God and see the lost regenerated by the Holy Spirit.


Lastly I would like to thank my close friend David Tucker for all this work in helping me, free of coast, to get the website up. David it is Christians like you who truly show case the New Testament example of the church in Act chapter 2. Thank you.

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