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Written by Oshea Davis   
Saturday, 21 August 2010

The SECOND edition (June 2014) of my Christian philosophy book is now out;

The Undefeatable Worldview


I call this Biblical Deductionalism/Rationalism, which is a Biblical approach to a logical apologetic that no anti-biblical system of thought has a defense against.


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The PDF is FREE (click to download) The_Undefeatable_Worldview.


Or you can buy a Hard copy or ebook at LuLu, below.  

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This book is my goal to help people avoid wasted studies and instead give them a primer of Biblical apologetics and preaching.

The world is drowning in an abyss of skepticism. It is on an intellectually inferior and harmful path. It is in a constant horror story of always progressing, yet never finding knowledge, betterment or salvation. On the other hand, God has given us the good path, the right path in the Christ. We do not change, for God gives us the truth from the start. For us to better we stay on the right path, the good path set before us. What we find is that not only do all Ultimate Questions coverage only in the Biblical Philosophy, but all things necessary for thought and for any intelligence "only converge" in God's revelation. The world does not have an apologetic against such superiority and unstoppable Wisdom.

Sincerely: Oshea

The label for this apologetic form: Biblical Rationalism (i.e. rational standing for the formal logical system of deduction.)


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