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New unpublished
Jonathan Edwards Sermons! 


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New Sermons by JONATHAN EDWARDS **root directory** Print E-mail
Written by Oshea Davis   
Friday, 05 June 2009
Jonathan Edwards

  edwardssmallPortrait of Rev. Jonathan Edwards, c. 1750,
by Joseph Badger. Courtesy Yale University Art Gallery.


         This section will be hosting sermons that I have helped to transcribe and edit @ the  Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale University. logo



 Through my partnership with the Edwards Center I have a goal  to work on unpublished sermons that particularly deal with Edwards' Christology.  My hope, lord willing, when I have completed enough sermons is to put them into a book and forward it discussing Edwards' Christology.  The first  Book is now Here! The KINGDOM OF THE SON OF HIS LOVE

             I will have two versions of each sermon. One is the original version as hosted by the Edwards Center.  Then I will also have a slightly copy-edited version.  This edited version will be edited minimally, but I will modernize the more difficult parts so that today's readers who have a difficult time reading Edwards and/or old English will now have another viable option.  I hope this will benefit you, my readers, in growing in like-minded love, knowledge and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

           For details regarding the permission use of these sermons please read my permission use page. Thank you. 



(1.)  God's Unspeakable Gift,   Jonathan Edwards (2010)

The Original Version (pdf): 

(1)Audio Version as read by Dann Golden-Collum(Audio)

(2) Radio interview with Kenneth Minkema (Executive Editor at the Center) and Oshea Davis (editor) about Jonathan Edwards and this Sermon:

(3)Radio interview with Oshea Davis about Jonathan Edwards Sermon: God's Unspeakable Gift:


The slightly Modernized Version(pdf):  Modernized Version (html)




(2.) Who is this King of Glory, Jonathan Edwards (2011)

  The Original Version (.pdf)   

Modernized Coming Soon




(3.) Those that Spiritually Partake of Christ, They Eat Angels' Food, Jonathan Edwards (2011)

The Original Version (.pdf )   New! * Just out this August *

Modernized Coming 




(4.) For His Sufferings, God Promised Christ the Reward of Seeing Sinners Saved (Is.53:10), Jonathan Edwards (2012)

The Original Version (html) ,




(5).  CHRIST SHALL RULE IN THE MIDST OF HIS ENEMIES(Psalm 110:2), Jonathan Edwards (2013). 

 The Orginial Version (Html)...  NEW!!!


Coming soon!...




    As a continuation of my Yale project I present to you these sermons of mine . I have written them as an example for today; these sermons are an attempt to write modern day sermons patterned after the above J.E sermons; I do this in hope to inspire the legacy of the Christ-centered and Christ-supremacy preaching of Jonathan Edwards into the hearts of my peers.  My prayer is that this legacy would be lived out in the preaching of many ministers today.  To Christ be the glory!


(1). As I brought to them all the Evil, so I will bring to you all the Good.





The first book is out. It contains the first five sermons listed above.