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Various biblical topics
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5 Thoughts on the 2012 President Election Oshea Davis 1075
A strange form that “fear of death” takes: Oshea Davis 2037
Consistently applying God's Sovereignty Oshea Davis 1502
Desiring God Blog question: God's Wrath? Oshea Davis 1780
Despising or Loving God’s Soul: Oshea Davis 2080
Devaluing the honor of Christ, for the honor of being called 6/5th human from the world Oshea Davis 590
Does God blind or deceive people? Oshea Davis 2232
Does God Hate the sinner and the sin? Oshea Davis 1893
Does God have emotions / affections? Oshea Davis 1418
God the metaphysical author of evil Oshea Davis 2081
God's sovereignty over our sins: Oshea Davis 1857
Is a Farmer evil if he burns an unproductive fruit tree? Oshea Davis 2190
Is Government a good Savior? Oshea Davis 2190
Miss-Category and God as the Author of Evil Oshea Davis 1723
Paradoxes or Praises & Biblical Deduction Oshea Davis 2289
Seeing with two perspectives: Oshea Davis 2015
The Basic explanation of biblical Predestination: Oshea Davis 1838
The Cowards way to win an argument (Rob Bell putting God's Nature on Trial) Oshea Davis 2150
The order of God's Divine Decrees Oshea Davis 2927
The order of God’s eternal Decrees a Moot Point? Oshea Davis 1921
The Three levels of man’s Responsibility: Oshea Davis 1883
What does God Predestine; salvation Oshea Davis 3318
What Does God's Glory Teach Us About God? Oshea Davis 1792
What is the seal that will guarantee your entrance Oshea Davis 1974
Willfully forgetting God in politics Oshea Davis 2067
You Fool! You stupid Donkey! You Slow to Understand! Oshea Davis 1781
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