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2+2=7 and 2+2= 4 (A Worldview in Chaos) Oshea Davis 591
Biblical Epistemology & how the bible is necessarily true. Oshea Davis 2124
Bullied By Skepticism Oshea Davis 969
Bullying with Nonsense and False Humility Oshea Davis 234
Conversation about First Principles Oshea Davis 881
Ducks & Lifes Ultimate Questions Oshea Davis 612
God's Thoughts are Our Thoughts Oshea Davis 985
How the liberal Emergence Church self-refutes itself Oshea Davis 1232
Hypocrites Deficient in Separating God's Truth from Worldly Wisdom Oshea Davis 860
School Papers Oshea Davis 282
Skepticismís fingers around the churchís faith in Christ: Oshea Davis 994
Sovereignty vs. Subjectivity Oshea Davis 591
The Undefeatable Worldview (*Recommeded*) Oshea Davis 2679
Worldview Bullying Oshea Davis 882
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