The Bible is the Infinite Existence's self-disclosure about how Famous He is really is, as He shines this beauty through His Son Jesus Christ.

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Devaluing the honor of Christ, for the honor of being called 6/5th human from the world
Written by Oshea Davis   
Friday, 11 April 2014

(I wrote this essay in response to a black so-called friend accusing me of prejudice some time ago. I found it a good opportunity to speak about favoritism. I will fictitiously call him Bob.)


          Because you insisted on a response and because I have been wanting for the opportunity to write on the doctrine of favoritism I decided to respond to you, otherwise I would have not since I perceived that you are making truth relative to favoritism.  The problem with this, as I will explain more later, is that even Jesus Christ has no hope (John 21:25-27) of conveying truth to a person who makes truth, whether it is relative to how it makes them look good, or relative to political gain, or relative to whatever reason other than an open minded and honest seeking of the truth.    

Where is My Beloved --Noah Review--
Written by Oshea Davis   
Tuesday, 01 April 2014

       Saw the movie "NOAH," yesterday. First thought was that this movie was no less Christian than any other so-called Christian movie produced by Hollywood (i.e. Chariots of Fire is an exception). My gripe for this movie is the same for all so-called Christian movies, even the majority of the cheap ones made by Christians. For example: I found it no less Biblical than Dream Works famed "Prince of Egypt."  There are many propositions and doctrines in the Bible that make Christianity unique, (I would say all), but some are at a more primordial level. One such doctrine is that of repentance. Example: the problem for saying I am a Christian homosexual or Christian liar, or Christian extortionist, or Christian rapist is that there is no repentance. Without repentance you are not a Christian, for this is made plain in scripture. But some doctrines, such as God's sovereignty, which are at the most essential level, are such doctrines that they effect every aspect of the system if they are denied. If one says the Christian First Principle of Scripture is not infallible then Christianity loses its voice on "everything it speaks on."  If Christian metaphysics is left out-i.e. the doctrine of God's absolute and direct sovereignty over everything-then one is left with affirming pagan dualism in "every part of the Christian system."

      Now, getting back to my particular compliant against Noah and most so-called Christian movies. My issue is that all these movies are not Christian for this single and very OBVIOUS reason: They are not from GOD's perspective!  GOD, do you remember HIM?  GOD! Where is beloved God? Where did He go?  Without the Christian God there is no Christianity. Without the Christian God there is no forgiveness, there is no Old or New Covenant; there is nothing.  The whole Christian system will fail without God. I have no problem admitting this.

          Let me ask a question.  What perspective is the Bible written in?  It is written from God's perspective. It is written how God creates, plans and views reality. It is "God breathed," so of course it is from God's perspective, for it is His words. God might be creative in telling us His perspective through the stories of others, but in these stories there is a greater portion of dissertation explaining doctrine; that is, God is revealing His point-of-view. Quickly consider how the Bible starts off with Creation, completely God's perspective; then the cross of Jesus, uniquely God's perspective; then the new heaven's and earth-there is no need of the sun for Jesus lights up the public world with His radiance.

The Kingdom of the Son of His Love, Book
Written by Oshea Davis   
Thursday, 30 January 2014

thumbnailThrough my partnership with Yale University at the Jonathan Edwards Center, I have a goal to transcribe unpublished sermons that particularly deal with Edwards' Christology. These sermons, in addition to being available at the Jonathan Edwards Center, are also at my website. (www.osheadavis.com) However, I wanted to put together a sampling of these sermons in a printed form, and then expound on the Christ-o-centric preaching of Edwards: not a historical, but a theological focus. Edwards was a Christian, who above all, exuberated a love for the Christ. The sermons in this book will help show a man who saw the Excellency of Christ, and as a master painter, he exhibits to his audience a Masterpiece of his glorious God. Lastly, I have written two sermons. They are an endeavor to write modern day equivalents patterned after Jonathan Edwards. My hope is to enthuse the Christ-centered and Christ-supremacy preaching of Jonathan Edwards into the preaching of my peers.

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